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Booker prize winner, Aravind Adiga has a nice essay in Mint where he talks about the capital city Delhi. He talks about, his friends advice on how its difficult for you to get laid in Delhi if you don’t have a car (blurb calls it class barrier) and how Delhi told him what he wanted in life.

Interesting bits:

1. “Champ: everyone wants something.”

2. Meeting women in the Capital could happen only in the classic Delhi way: through a scam.

3. “New Delhi is full of beautiful, sensitive Sikh women interested in painting and music. And they are stuck with these big hairy men drinking Royal Challenge. They’re all looking for south Indians to have affairs with, trust me.”

4. Years ago, when the Indian economy opened up, he had figured out that Delhi would soon be full of lonely Swedish businesswomen looking for someone to talk to. His insight had paid off handsomely. “Keep away from Danish,” he said—he was learning that now. “Go for Finnish. Icelandic.”

5. “Then (If you dont have a car (italics mine))  you can kiss your chances of getting laid in Delhi goodbye,” she said.

6. Most of all, during my (Adiga’s) time in Delhi I understood what I was meant to want on earth. More than money, fame, or life—O, much more than life—I wanted to write.

7. Aravind Adiga’s new novel, Last Man in the Tower , will be published in 2011 by HarperCollins India.

Read the full essay here.