2016 Nov 19 By jayadevanpk 0 comment

If you are a journalist, you probably can’t live without call recording on your phone. Most Chinese Android phones come with call recording built in. But some phones these days (especially the costlier variants), don’t have it by default, because it is illegal in some countries to record calls.

I recently bought a OnePlus 3 and was horrified when I found that it can’t record calls. I’d been on a Xiaomi Mi 4i, which did the job perfectly fine. So I started trying out apps and finally settled on a brilliant call recording app called Boldbeast recorder. It is free to use.

The Boldbeast recorder has a slightly old school user interface and such but it does the job well. I just got off a call with my colleague and finished testing the app. The sound quality is also brilliant. No trouble. I also tried ACR Call Recorder and it didn’t work for me.

Pro tip: When you call someone on their mobile phone, it is reasonable to expect, that the conversation is between you and the person on the other line. That means it is a private conversation. But if you intend to use the recording, say publish a podcast, it is good practice to inform the person on the other line.