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Earlier this month, business daily Mint had an interesting interview with Dominic Proctor, president, GroupM Global. The company buys over $100 Bn worth of media world wide. That’s 31% of media spend worldwide. It buys nearly 43% of India’s ad spend. Here are some excerpts from the interview.

Which media—television, print, digital—is getting the largest revenue share globally?

It varies enormously. In some countries like the UK and Sweden, digital is the biggest media type and Google is the biggest media owner. So that is around 50% market share. In India, digital is more like 10%. Obviously, it is a slower start here because the penetration of broadband wasn’t so deep. So the move to digital has been based on mobile platforms.

What kind of digital properties and content are advertisers looking for?

The simple answer is, anything that breaks through. Digital media environments are usually quite cluttered. They suffer the same challenges as broadcast or print media; you need content and formats that really break through.

Which are your high growth markets?

The scaled ones are India, and China, in spite of the gloomy news in the last month, and some Latin American markets are reasonable bets. Then there are smaller countries in Southeast Asian markets and new markets like Myanmar, Iran and Cuba.

Read the full interview here.