2014 Jul 20 By Jayadevan 0 comment

With the Internet and mobile, the  reader expects more out of newsrooms. If you are in a large newsroom like that of The New York Times with separate teams to produce web stores consider yourself lucky. But increasingly, newsrooms are becoming smaller.

What it means is that you need to do more things than one. That is, if it was write a story and then Tweet about it, it is now write a story, Tweet about it, share it with your friends, add images to go with it, shoot a picture if possible. Oh you’ve got a video? That’s fantastic. Lets use that too.

Individuals with multiple complementary skills will be in great demand in the future. Like a coder who gets design. A designer who gets stories. A photographer who can write well. A blogger who can take pictures or shoot a video and so on.

It’s very easy to pick up a few skills. I try and do that whenever I can. That brings me to the whole point behind this post– to show off my latest creation. A video!

I recently picked up a Sony Alpha 58 camera. It’s a powerful camera which shoots very fast and gives you great quality. Priced at about Rs 35,000 it doesn’t set you back too much. I used the free Movie Maker that comes with Windows to create the video and the music is also free from the web. Shooting the video took about 30 minutes and editing & uploading took about 2 hours in all. Take a look.

I’ve spent most of my time writing stories for publishers like The Economic Times & NextBigWhat. It’s the first time I’m making a video on my own so it’s not all that great. But the point I want to make is that it’s all very simple.