2015 Mar 21 By jayadevanpk 0 comment

The same day Raghav Bahl’s Quintillion media launched its website The Quint, former Forbes India editors Indrajit Gupta & Charles Assisi launched their own website FoundingFuel.

Ah..another site! Not really.


The site has some of the best writers on business and technology. Rohin (ex-forbes) & Ramnath (ex-forbes) and a few others have started writing for the site. There are a whole bunch of contributors as well. Assisi has had a long stint in journalism  and that probably makes it easy for him to fire up great pieces like this: Ankit Fadia Revealed. I’m so looking forward to reading them.

So another site with great writers & contributors?

I haven’t had a chance to catch up with anyone at FoundingFuel yet. But I can see glimpses of a business model here. One of the co-founders at the company is CS Swaminathan, the former president of Pearson’s online learning venture. From its About us section, it looks like there will be an attempt to create a “curated marketplace for entrepreneurial products and services.”

Couple of things about the site.

Some articles have comments and some don’t. It’s probably an attempt to find a middle path to the ‘should we have comments at all’ or not debate. Or maybe someone just forgot to turn them on!

Reuters phased out comments on news stories last year (Read: Editor’s note: Reader comments in the age of social media). That’s after Popular Science said comments can be bad for science and shut off its comments section. I for one, love comments (so don’t forget to leave one below).

I’m not sure how this will play out for FoundingFuel– there are many things that aren’t there or we don’t know about yet. But it holds promise!

Aside, I’d love to see someone to take an approach that the guys at Wait But Why have taken. It’s long form content yet primed for web and their posts absolutely go viral just because of the great content they create.