2014 Nov 21 By jayadevanpk 0 comment

Someone hacked the blog last month.  It was hosted on a remote server which was hacked. It was hacked once before as well. So I moved it to OpenShift, which can host your website for free (with limitations).

The OpenShift documentation and interface is easy, even for a rookie like me. I found a great tutorial if you’d like to run WordPress on OpenShift (read here & here.)

Until I figure out a better way of  hosting this site, I’m going to leave it there. Gautham, who set me up with the site, managed to pull a backup from somewhere and most of the content is back on the site. Some pictures are missing and there are a few broken links. The design is still messed up.

I hope to fix them when I get time. Also, since I’m just a rookie, its a lot of learning for me. I’m enjoying the process. It reminds me of the hours I used spend repairing my old bicycle.