2014 Jun 18 By Jayadevan 0 comment

Most things that are wrong about traditional newsrooms is in The New York Times’ recent report on Innovation in their newsroom.

Especially, where the traditional players break stories and the aggregators eat their lunch. We see this happening every day!

What’s really funny is that the 96 page report itself must have driven crazy traffic to Buzzfeed which leaked an published the report  and countless other new media outlets that excerpted it quickly, laid on their opinions and got creative with headlines.

What is going on here? Like I’ve argued before, its mostly to do with newsroom skills. An important aspect the report missed out is community. Online, its not enough to create great content. You need to rally the online community around it. Which is where niche content creators win.

I personally am a big fan of The New York Time’s website and other digital products. I find them very well designed and highly usable. The problem with The NYT’s digital play is not about products. Its probably got to do more with strategy.