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When I quit The Economic Times last December to start a new media company with Pankaj, only one thing was clear. We wanted to tell great stories from the intersection of technology, culture, and life in India.

As technology becomes mainstream, it is impacting us in ways that we don’t fully understand yet. Our job is to try and understand technological changes and talk about people, ideas and trends that are causing these changes. To try and take a peek at the future and stay on top of new and cool things that will help our audience every single day.

We also thought

We want to play a role in shaping the future of digital media in India.

We want to create something beautiful and world-class for smart and curious people.

Work with an ‘A-team’ of journalists, designers and technologists and learn new skills.

Create an organisation that stands the test of time.

We’ve had a lot of support and are very close to launch– dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s right now. Our co-founder Titash is building some really cool stuff for us (meet Regina!). Meanwhile, if you’d like early access to our site, go ahead and sign up on FactorDaily. You can follow FactorDaily on MediumTwitter & Facebook.

And yes, we still love old school journalism.