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Last year, many Indian new media startups raised funding. And two big names in the industry– Shekhar Gupta of The Indian Express and Raghav Bahl, founder of Network 18– announced new ventures.

Bahl launched Quintillion Media, a digital media company. His mobile first news service TheQuint has been written about. The lesser known product is Quintype. The company is calling it the digital publishing platform from the future.

Amit Rathore, Ritu Kapur & Raghav Bahl
Amit Rathore, Ritu Kapur & Raghav Bahl

From what we know, it is going to be a cloud based content management system. Their pitch?

Digital publishing has been stuck in the dark ages. The most commonly used platforms today are WordPress and its cousins, which are over 10 years old, and are essentially a patchwork of blogging tools and plugins. It’s time for a new digital publishing platform.

Taking on WordPress are we? And that ‘patch work,’  is called community. Moving on.

Amit Rathore, a valley based serial entrepreneur will be the CEO & product guy at Quintype.

He specializes in applying big data, predictive analytics, and machine learning to various domains.

In a blog post, Rathore gives us a glimpse of what it is going to be like.

It eliminates the need for using external project management services such as Google Docs, Basecamp, and Excel. It eliminates external chat services such as Hipchat, Slack, Telegram, and Google Chat. And not to mention, it eliminates Microsoft Word (the horror!) as an editor, and replaces it with the most beautiful content creation experience you’ve ever seen.

It will target “not trivial” digital media organisations.

As someone who has worked at a digital media organisation, and closely associated with yet another digital media product in the works, I can say that WordPress is going to be one hell of a platform to beat. It will also be hard to beat messaging services for the newsroom and entrenched analytics products like Google Analytics and Chartbeat.

Also, there was this product called Betaout that was launched based on a similar hypothesis to take over end to end workflow of a digital newsroom. It was built on top of WordPress and took care of the workflow. There were some kinks but it could be made to work. But they seem to have pivoted to an e-commerce marketing software. Wonder what went wrong there?

It is one thing if  it’s going to be a product that will be used by TheQuint and other digital media products Quintillion Media launches (like their own CMS), but to get other digital publishers to use it will be quite the other. Coming from a team with great pedigree, Quintype holds a lot of promise.