2014 Dec 25 By jayadevanpk 0 comment

I do a lot of reading for work. That’s why when they killed Google reader, I was very upset. But then, I found a replacement called Digg Reader. For longer reads, I use Pocket. It is perfect. But..

Increasingly, a lot of stuff that I want to read are coming on my Twitter feed. The problem is that I follow over a thousand people and my timeline scrolls very fast. If I don’t read an article the moment I see it, finding it later becomes tough.

What I needed is a way to bookmark articles that I find on Twitter. I can favourite the tweets and come back to Tweetdeck and read them later. Better yet, favourite the Tweet and have it sent to Pocket!

So I went to If this then that and created a recipe that can do it for me. Now every time I favourite a tweet, it sends the link in the tweet to Pocket. So here’s how it works now.

1. I find great article on Tweetdeck but don’t have time to read.

2. I favorite it.

Twitter Favorite

3. If this then that triggers my recipe.

4. Recipe sends the article to Pocket.


5….aaand I read the article when I please.

I published the recipe here, so you can use it if you like.