2015 Jan 24 By jayadevanpk 0 comment

If you are looking to use a secure instant messenger for your newsroom activities or talking to a very sensitive source, you should try Telegram or a messaging service that has encryption.

Then there is Slack, which newsrooms can use to collaborate. One of the drawbacks of Slack that I’d pointed out earlier is that it’s not a great mobile experience.

This is where Whatsapp for web which was launched earlier today kills it. For average newsroom chatter, Whatsapp has already become one of the most used tool.

Whatsapp for desktop takes it to the next level. It’s fast, easy and comes with the simplicity of Whatsapp. Opening links that are shared in the newsroom far too often and reading them on a web browser will be a dream come true for me. And imagine the power of ctrl+c & ctrl+v!

It doesn’t work on iOS or browsers other than Chrome, so we are talking about a large number of users left out. It is not going to work for a truly heterogenous team yet.

What else could go wrong? Spam.