2015 Mar 02 By jayadevanpk 0 comment

My favourite tech site Wired is getting a redesign. I’ve always valued Wired stories way more than its design and will continue to do so.

Scott Dadich, the editor in chief of Wired explained the redesign in a post earlier today.  The design focuses on the smartphone user, as it should be (read mobile, responsive et al). It’s built on WordPress, an undeniably powerful and flexible publishing platform.

Some important aspects of the Wired redesign

The New Wired
The New Wired
  • A  card-based motif for both its flexibility and configurability.
  • Retina-ready photographs. Graphics are SVG sprites.
  • New structure allows Wired to deploy its signature bespoke fonts.
  • Better page load by streamlining code, on demand multimedia: 2x faster in all.
  • Simpler information architecture and site taxonomy: Business, Design, Entertainment, Gear, Science, and Security.

Wired’s director of engineering Kathleen Vignos has a more detailed post here.  The site looks great on a mobile device, but it certainly makes content less discoverable on the desktop– not that it will bother too many people for long.