5 Best AI Generated Music Tracks

Do you know about AI-generated music tracks? And the ethical implications they bring? We have got you covered! From how they are created to the best tools in the market, this guide will navigate you through the evolving landscape of AI music. Not only will we delve deep into the intricacies of this technology, but we’ll also present you with a handpicked list of the top 5 AI-generated music tools available today.

What is AI-generated music?

AI-generated music is the melodies, compositions, and sometimes even full songs crafted not by human hands, but by algorithms and software. It represents a revolutionary convergence of musical artistry and cutting-edge technology, where artificial intelligence systems are trained to understand, emulate, and create music in various styles and genres.

At its core, AI-generated music relies on specific algorithms, often rooted in deep learning, to analyze vast datasets of musical compositions. 

Top 5 AI-Generated Music Tracks – Merging Technology and Raw Emotion

1. Not Easy 🌟

2016 witnessed an unconventional blend. Superstar producer Alex Da Kid took center stage with his release, “Not Easy”. But guess what? It wasn’t just humans in the studio! 🤖

  • X Ambassadors: A touch of rock n’ roll.
  • Elle King: That raspy, soul-stirring voice.
  • Wiz Khalifa: Rap verses that tell tales.
  • … and, wait for it, IBM Watson? Yep, you read that right!

Best known for its Jeopardy! expertise, Watson took a swing at songwriting. It crunched the numbers, analyzing current pop patterns. But the final touch? Purely human.

Song ElementContribution
LyricsWatson’s Analysis + Human Emotion
PerformanceCollaborative Human Essence

End result? A ballad on lost love that’s undeniably human. Proving, it’s not easy making a hit, but there’s always a novel way!

2. Savages (2023) by AllttA 🎵

In the ever-evolving music landscape, 2023 heralded a significant shift. A.I. music has always intrigued me, but now it’s mirroring legends! Enter: “Heart On My Sleeve”. A sound so genuine, that it stirred whispers of a Drake and The Weeknd collaboration. But that’s not the shocker.

  • AllttA: A powerful duo, uniting rapper Mr. J Medeiros and the beats of French maestro 20Syl.
  • And the surprise? A voice that sounds eerily like Jay-Z’s.

But here’s the twist – Jay-Z, or Hov, had no part in “Savages”. This uncanny replication? All thanks to advanced A.I. capabilities.

Artist Element Real or AI?
Mr. J Medeiros Real
20Syl Real
Jay-Z Voice AI

It’s a groundbreaking phase for A.I. in music. The future? As unpredictable as the next track drop.

3. World is Mine (2009) – The A.I. Diva Takes Center Stage 🌍🎤

In the realm of A.I. celebrities, none shimmer quite like Hatsune Miku, the dazzling hologram from the Vocaloid synthesizer program. Yes, a hologram! But her influence? Absolutely tangible.

  • Supercell: The Japanese sensation laying down the beats.
  • And the starlet? None other than the virtual idol, Hatsune Miku herself.

Experience her prowess in the iconic “World is Mine”. It’s a track where every note pulsates with vivacity, propelled by Hatsune’s ethereal voice against Supercell’s robust melody. Despite being virtual, her presence is undeniably real on this track.

EntityReal or Virtual?
Supercell BandReal
Hatsune MikuVirtual

In “World is Mine”, the boundaries blur. Hatsune Miku claims her realm, proving the world truly belongs to her – virtual origins and all.

4. Holly Herndon & Jlin’s “Godmother” – Birthing A.I. in Music 🎶

Holly Herndon, an avant-garde sound artist from San Francisco, joined forces with Jlin to craft the AI-fueled “Godmother”, generated with the help of Spawn, their own A.I. creation.

  • Herndon’s Ensemble: Rooted in Berlin, fostering an AI member named Spawn.
  • The Process: Spawn grows by absorbing sounds from her ‘family’ – close friends, artists, and performers visiting Herndon’s abode.

The track, “Godmother”, is Spawn’s interpretation, trying to replicate Jlin’s art through the voice of her ‘mother’, Herndon. Remarkably, it arose from pure silence, void of samples, edits, or any manual interventions. Guided by Jules LaPlace, dubbed Spawn’s ‘godfather’, this AI-powered creation was birthed.

OriginBorn from Silence
GuidanceJules LaPlace
InfluenceJlin’s Artworks

Herndon shares a poignant thought, appreciating the track’s rawness, stating it embodies AI’s current infancy stage. Her hope? Amidst technology’s surge, we nurture this AI ‘baby’ with care, ensuring it doesn’t morph into a ‘monster’.

5. Drowned in the Sun (2021) – A Resonating Homage 🎸

The legends who left us at 27 left behind a legacy, popularly known as “the 27 Club”. In 2021, a significant tribute emerged from Over the Bridge, a non-profit from Toronto, through their project “Lost Tapes of the 27 Club”.

  • Sound: Uncannily echoing Nirvana, capturing their iconic grunge essence.
  • Vocals: Presented by Eric Hogan, a celebrated Nirvana cover band’s lead.

The song, “Drowned in the Sun”, masterfully combines distorted guitars, intense drumming, and raw energy. It stands as a testament, finding its space effortlessly among Nirvana classics like “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Heart-Shaped Box”.

Project OriginOver the Bridge
Vocal PowerhouseEric Hogan

While the void left by Kurt Cobain and Nirvana remains unfilled, “Drowned in the Sun” showcases a commendable effort, reflecting both tribute and innovation.

The Science Behind It

Several AI models, especially neural networks like Recurrent Neural Networks (RNNs) and Long Short-Term Memory Networks (LSTMs), are prominent in this field. These models “learn” from music in a way somewhat akin to how humans might, by recognizing sequences, patterns, and intricacies in the music they’re fed. Over time, and with enough training data, they can produce music that’s often indistinguishable from human-composed pieces.

Top 5 AI-Generated Music Tools & Projects

OpenAI’s MuseNetGenerates complex compositions Can merge styles from different artists Offers a variety of instrumentsStill in experimental phase Lacks emotional depth
Google’s MagentaFacilitates artist collaboration Features like Drumify and AI DuetLimited to classical music influences
JukedeckCreates unique tracks based on mood Royalty-free music for creatorsMay not always match desired tone
AIVARecognized by SACEM Used in commercials, films, and gamesPrimarily focuses on classical compositions
Sony’s Flow MachinesCan analyze and apply diverse music styles Produced a complete album, “Hello World”Limited collaborations with artists

Ethical Concerns in AI-Generated Music

Authenticity: A pivotal debate in this domain revolves around the soul of AI-generated music. Can machines replicate the raw emotion of human-made music?

Copyright Worries: As AI music garners popularity, the issue of ownership looms large. Who gets the rights – the AI, its creator, or the user?

Impact on the Music Industry: There’s potential for job losses, particularly in background score creation. Yet, many foresee AI as a tool to boost creativity rather than replacing human artists.


AI-generated music stands at the intersection of technology and creativity, challenging traditional notions of artistry while also ushering in a new era of possibilities. These tools, led by pioneers like OpenAI’s MuseNet and Google’s Magenta, are reshaping how we conceive music, opening avenues for both seasoned musicians and novices alike. Yet, as with any innovation, there are pressing ethical and industry challenges to grapple with, from authenticity to copyright nuances. In the end, as we stand on the precipice of this exciting fusion of melodies and machines, one thing is certain: the rhythm of the future will be a harmonious blend of human touch and algorithmic brilliance.