Can Artificial Intelligence be Dangerous?

There has been much debate on the dangers of artificial intelligence after its steady boom in recent years. AI certainly proves that we as humans have grown exponentially, but there are also certain drawbacks that we must acknowledge.
Because of artificial intelligence, there are many sectors where humans are losing out. Due to their precision and fast pace, they are taking over duties or work that previously everyone believed to be only possible for humans.
Hence, in this article, we will discuss whether artificial intelligence can be dangerous, and if it is, in what ways it can affect everyone.

Can artificial intelligence be dangerous?

Yes, artificial intelligence can be dangerous. But that doesn’t mean it is the set outcome.

10 Dangers of AI ( Explained with Evidence )

1. AI Taking Jobs

Now it is natural for companies to find better employees who can give results more efficiently. Sadly this is happening vastly, as many industries, like marketing, healthcare, etc., are using AI to get their tasks done in place of human workers.

2. Manipulation of AI Algorithms

Nowadays, social media has the power to single-handedly influence a massive chunk of the population with its content. Many can use these platforms to manipulate people into believing a certain ideology by promoting their viewpoints through AI algorithms.

3. No Privacy

AI chatbots are in abundance, and hardly a few people are left to try their services out. However many do not know that AI chatbots or AI filters collect personally in the name of providing a better user experience.

4. Biassed Info

AI’s intelligence comes from the people who trained the program. Hence the information put into the AI can be biased or flawed.

5. Unsupervised Accidents

The self-driving cars that run on AI, if not supervised properly, run a risk of taking human lives through accidents.

6. Security Issues

AI technology has become so powerful that anyone with bad intentions can utilize it to initiate cyberattacks and bypass security systems.

7. Initiating Economic Inequality

Now this is the direct result of AI’s impact on the job market. Corporations can use AI, which does not need any salary, and earn profits without spending much. This can heavily affect the working class and create more severe economic inequality in the future.

8. AI Weapons

The rapid development of AI can lead to an arms race between countries that wish to stay ahead of others by creating AI weapons.

9. AI Dependency

It is no surprise how heavily dependent we have become on AI, as it does make every work much easier. This is why we are becoming more dependent on it rather than honing our own skills.

10. Hypothetical Existential Risk

Thanks to books, and movies, we all fear AI declaring war on humans and wiping us out. Now this might sound far-fetched, but it is still a possibility that many consider when weighing the risks or dangers of AI.


1. Is artificial intelligence a threat to humans?

It might or might not turn out to be a threat to humans.

2. Who is the father of AI?

John McCarthy is regarded as the father of Artificial Intelligence because of how much he contributed to the development of the Computer Science and AI sector.

3. What did Elon Musk say about AI?

Elon Musk described AI as a double-edged sword as it can both eliminate and constrain humanity’s growth.

Wrapping It Up

We hope we were able to help with discovering the risks of AI. But please remember AI is also vastly helpful, and the profits far exceed the cons, at least at this point in time.