Can Midjourney Be Used Commercially?

Many people wonder if Midjourney can be commercially used, and it is an excellent platform for generating AI art and images. In this article, we shall learn if Midjourney allows its users to sell or commercialize its art.

Time to find out!


Can Midjourney Be Used Commercially?

As stated in terms of service for Midjourney, as it is a free and accessible tool, anyone can access, use and modify your artwork. However, buying a private plan will reduce the probability of someone else accessing your artwork. So, with a paid membership, you are allowed to claim credit for the art and images you created on the platform. The platform lets you share your work and commercialize it. Here is a statement from their terms of service:

“Be careful about sharing. It’s OK to share Your creations outside of the Midjourney community, but please consider how others might view Your content. Be careful about sharing. It’s OK to share Your creations outside of the Midjourney community, but please consider how others might view Your content.”

As you all know, this AI platform works with a Discord account. This means that other people on your server can view your art and images, and you must be worried about someone else selling them. Here is what Midjourney has to say:

“Sharing others’ creations. Do not publicly repost the creations of others without their permission.”

So, others are not supposed to share your work without your consent. The AI platform is rigorous and transparent about its policies.

How To Get It On My Discord?

  • You can get the bot on your server and join the AI platform’s community. Go to the link:
  • Once you click on the link, invite the bot to your server.

That’s it! Now you can see that you are part of the community and discord. Read the guidelines and at the bot to any server you wish to add it to.

Subscription Plan

Free TrialBasic PlanStandard PlanPro Plan
Monthly Subscription Cost$10$30$60
Annual Subscription Cost$96
($8 / month)
($24 / month)
($48 / month)
Fast GPU Time0.4 hr/Lifetime3.3 hr/month15 hr/month30 hr/month
Relax GPU Time
Per Month
GPU Time

Final Takeaway

In short, you can use the platform to generate and use that art commercially. There are no restrictions, and you must read their terms of service and guidelines before you sell your product.


I. What license does Midjourney grant?

For non-paying members, Midjourney gives a license under the “Asset License” Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0. So long you are not seeking benefits and Midjourney is given credit (also known as attribution, utilizing the images and artwork is acceptable.

II. Are Midjourney images copyrighted?

The U.S. Copyright Office has ruled that the artwork made on Midjourney if used anywhere, is not protected by copyright law. This is according to the letter issued by the Copyright Office.

III. How Is AI Art Generated?

AI-generated art is created using algorithms and machine learning techniques that allow computers to generate images or other forms of digital media. These algorithms are designed to mimic the creative process of humans, producing unique and original works of art.

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