What Are the Longest and Shortest Books in the Bible?

Embark on a journey through the scriptures as we uncover the longest and shortest books in the Bible. Whether you’re a seasoned scripture scholar or a trivia enthusiast, this exploration promises a deeper understanding of the Bible’s vast landscape.

Bible’s Longest Book By Chapter Count: A Detailed Perspective

The Bible, a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom, reveals that the book of Psalms holds the record for the most chapters, totaling 150. As a part of the Old Testament’s wisdom literature, Psalms offers a rich tapestry of poetic verses brimming with spiritual insights and moral teachings. Following closely are Isaiah and Jeremiah, securing their positions as the second and third longest books in terms of chapter count. Both belong to the prophetic literature of the Old Testament.

Top Books Based on Chapter Count

BookChapter Count

For those looking to immerse themselves in extensive biblical content, these books serve as an ideal starting point. Rather than viewing this as an overwhelming task, see it as a spiritual expedition—a journey of discovery where each chapter offers a deeper grasp of God’s word.

The Longest Book In The Bible By Verse Count: A Closer Look

When dissecting the prophetic books based on verse count, Psalms retains its crown as the longest, boasting 2,526 verses. Genesis, the Bible’s inaugural book, claims the second spot with 1,533 verses. Jeremiah and Isaiah follow suit, ranking third and fourth respectively.

Top Books Based on Verse Count

BookVerse Count

While Psalms reigns supreme in both chapters and verses, Genesis, Isaiah, and Jeremiah are not far behind. Intriguingly, the Gospels of Luke and Matthew also feature prominently, enriching the New Testament with their depth. Every verse in these books is laden with divine wisdom, poised to rejuvenate your spirit and fortify your faith.

Lengthiest Bible Books By Word Count: An In-Depth Analysis

Shifting our focus to word count, we encounter a revelation. Psalms emerges as the longest single book with 42,704 words. However, Jeremiah, despite having 98 fewer chapters, trails by a mere 50 words, clinching the second position.

Top Books Based on Word Count

BookWord Count

From the heartfelt hymns of Psalms to the prophecies in Jeremiah, these books beckon readers to delve into the profound depths of God’s word. As you embark on this exploration, remember: it’s not about how swiftly you read, but how deeply you absorb each word.

Interesting Tidbits: Longest And Shortest Chapters And Verses In The Bible

Zooming in from books to chapters and verses, we find that Psalm 119, with its 176 verses, is the Bible’s longest chapter. In stark contrast, Psalm 117, with just two verses, is the shortest. Esther 8:9, comprising 90 words, is the length iest verse, while the succinct “Jesus wept” from John 11:35 is the shortest.

The Bible’s Length In Popular English Translations

The Bible’s length varies across English translations, influenced by linguistic styles and interpretative choices. Here’s a snapshot of word counts for some renowned English Bible translations:

  • King James Version (KJV): 788,280 words
  • New King James Version (NKJV): 770,430 words
  • English Standard Version (ESV): 757,439 words
  • New International Version (NIV): 726,109 words
  • Christian Standard Bible (CSB): 718,943 words
  • New Living Translation (NLT): 747,891 words
  • New Revised Standard Version (NRSV): 895,891 words
  • New American Standard Bible (NASB): 782,815 wordsKey Takeaways
  • Psalms stands out as the longest book in the Bible, comprising 150 chapters, 2461 verses, and a whopping 42704 words.
  • This monumental book is a collection of poetic wisdom and inspiration penned by various authors, including the renowned King David.
  • The Bible, in its entirety, consists of 66 distinct books, stretching from Genesis to Revelation.


The Bible, with its intricate tapestry of books, chapters, and verses, offers a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom. Whether you’re delving into the lengthy Psalms or the succinct verses of John, each word carries divine wisdom. As you navigate this spiritual landscape, remember that the Bible’s true essence lies not in its length but in the depth of its teachings.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Are The Lengths Of Books In The Bible Traditionally Measured?
    Traditionally, books in the Bible are gauged by their total chapters, verses, or words. The length doesn’t necessarily reflect the potency of its message. Each verse is a reservoir of knowledge, with the text’s beauty lying not just in its length but its profound wisdom.
  1. Has The Length Of The Bible’s Books Changed Over Different Translations?
    The length can vary across translations due to linguistic differences and sentence structures. For instance, the King James Version typically has more words than the New International Version. The essence lies not in word quantity but depth of meaning.
  1. Why Is The Book Of Psalms Considered The Longest Book In The Bible?
    The Book of Psalms, with its 150 chapters, stands out as the Bible’s longest, offering readers a connection to the divine and a wealth of spiritual insights.
  2. Are There Any Books In The Bible That Have Unusually Long Or Short Verses?
    Yes, the Bible is diverse, with verses of varying lengths. Esther 8:9, with 90 words, is the longest verse, while “Jesus wept” from John 11:35 is the shortest.
  1. How Does The Length Of Books In The New Testament Compare To Those In The Old Testament?
    The Old Testament boasts the longest books by chapter count, like Psalms. The New Testament also has lengthy books, with Matthew being the longest. Both Testaments feature books of varying lengths, each carrying vital truths.