Top 8 Movies to Learn English for Indians

If you are on a journey to improve your English speaking skills, make sure to incorporate watching movies as a part of your exercises. Watching movies helps you to improve your pronunciation and know how to use the language in daily conversations. We have shortlisted the best movies to learn English for Indians in this article. The platforms on which the movie is available like Netflix, Amazon Prime, or others are also listed for your ease.

Best movies to learn English for Indians

Movie/TV SeriesIMDb RatingWatch Now Link
The Social Network (2010)7.7Watch on IMDb
The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)8.0Watch on IMDb
Toy Story Series8.3Watch on IMDb
Forrest Gump (1994)8.8Watch on IMDb
Harry Potter Series8.7Watch on IMDb
The Sound of Music (1965)8.0Watch on IMDb
My Fair Lady (1964)7.8Watch on IMDb
Friends – TV Series (1994-2004)8.9Watch on IMDb

1. The Social Network (2010)

Available on: Netflix

Genre: Drama, Biography

Why watch:

This movie, chronicling the rise of Facebook, has dialogues that are fast-paced but very modern, reflecting the kind of English spoken in today’s digital age. It’s a great way to pick up contemporary slang and understand the young generation’s way of communicating.

2. The Pursuit of Happyness (2006)

Available on: Netflix

Genre: Drama, Biography

Why watch:

The emotional journey of a father-son duo through hardships offers simple and clear language. It’s great for understanding conversational English, with emotions playing a pivotal role.

3. Toy Story Series

Available on: Hotstar, Netflix, and YouTube.

Genre: Animation, Adventure

Why watch:

Animation movies, especially from the Pixar studio, are ideal for beginners. The language is clear, simple, and often accompanied by visual cues. “Toy Story” also offers a delightful cultural introduction to American childhood.

4. Forrest Gump (1994)

Available on: Netflix, Amazon Prime, Youtube

Genre: Drama, Romance

Why watch:

The protagonist, Forrest Gump, speaks in a slow, deliberate manner, making it easy to understand and imitate. This movie provides a whirlwind tour of several decades of American history and culture, making it both educational and easy to follow.

5. Harry Potter Series

Available on: JioCinema, Netflix

Genre: Fantasy, Adventure

Why watch:

This globally loved series offers a mix of British and magical vocabulary. While it can introduce Indians to the British accent and phrases, it’s also captivating enough to make repeated viewings enjoyable, reinforcing language learning.

6. The Sound of Music (1965)

Available on: YouTube

Genre: Drama, Musical

Why watch:

This classic musical has catchy songs, clear dialogues, and a heartwarming story. It’s an excellent choice for picking up vocabulary and understanding sentence structures, all while humming along.

7. My Fair Lady (1964)

Available on: Dailymotion

Genre: Drama, Musical, Romance

Why watch:

This movie is literally about phonetics and the transformation of a flower girl’s dialect. Not only is it a treat to watch, but it’s also a lesson in the intricacies of the English language.

8. Friends – TV Series (1994-2004)

Available on: Netflix

Genre: Comedy, Romance

Why watch:

Though not a movie, this series deserves a mention. Its episodes are short, the dialogues crisp, and the scenarios relatable. For many Indians, “Friends” has been an introductory course to American slang, culture, and everyday English.

Tips for Learning English Through Movies:

  • Subtitles: Always use English subtitles. It helps in understanding unfamiliar words and improves reading skills.
  • Repetition: Watch your favorite scenes multiple times to grasp the dialogues and imitate them.
  • Note-taking: Keep a notebook handy to jot down new words, phrases, or interesting sentence structures.
  • Discussion: Discuss the movie with friends or in online forums. This reinforces learning and improves speaking skills.

FAQs on Learning English Through Movies

1. Can I improve my English by just watching English movies?

Yes, watching English movies can certainly help improve your listening skills, vocabulary, and understanding of the language’s nuances. However, solely relying on movies may not be enough for comprehensive language learning. It’s essential to combine it with active speaking, reading, and writing exercises.

2. Can you become fluent in a language by watching movies?

While movies are a great resource for exposure to authentic language usage, cultural nuances, and slang, becoming fluent in a language requires active interaction and practice. Movies can be a part of the learning process, but to achieve fluency, one should also engage in speaking exercises, grammar study, and other language-learning methods.

3. Should I study or watch a movie? Is reading better than movies?

Both studying and watching movies have their own merits in language learning. Reading helps in understanding the structure, grammar, and written form of the language, while movies offer insight into spoken language, pronunciation, and cultural contexts. Ideally, a combination of both methods will yield the best results for language learners.

4. Does watching English movies without subtitles improve English?

Watching movies without subtitles can challenge and thereby improve your listening skills. It forces you to understand the language through context, tone, and pronunciation. However, for beginners or those who are not yet comfortable with the language, English subtitles can aid in comprehension and ensure that you’re picking up words correctly.


In conclusion, movies offer an immersive language learning experience, making the process engaging and effective. By choosing the right films and watching them actively, Indians can improve their English proficiency and gain cultural insights simultaneously. So, grab some popcorn, pick a movie from this list, and embark on your linguistic journey!

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