Where is Sandra Smith from Fox News?

Sandra Smith is a popular American news anchor and host. She is also an author and a social activist. She has been working for Fox News since 2007 and has held many positions in the organization. Let’s check where is Sandra Smith now and what is she doing.

Where is Sandra Smith from Fox News?

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Sandra Smith is a journalist for Fox Business Network in the business bureau and currently serves as co-anchor of America Reports on the Fox News Channel. She joined Fox News in 2007 and started her career as a business reporter at Fox Media and worked hard to evolve as a TV host for them. Before joining Fox News, Sandra Smith worked as an on-air reporter for Bloomberg Television and Terra Nova Institute. Sandra Smith has become a sensation for all the ladies who have a keen interest in this field. She continues to do a terrific job in the area of journalism and continues to inspire budding financial analysts and journalists.

Initial days of Sandra Smith’s career

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  • Sandra Smith is a Louisiana State University graduate, and she started to pursue business as a career option and worked as an analysis associate at Aegis Capital Group. There, she studied subjects like retail stocks and worked on deeply researched weekly stock newsletters for their clients, and tried to create investment opportunities for them.
  • After gaining experience from Aegis Capital, she worked as a trader at Hermitage Capital Corporation in New York City; she managed U.S. equities and possibilities orders, completed portfolio analysis, and prepared commission reports.
  • From there, Smith jumped a long way to be the director of sales and trading at Terra Nova Institutional in Chicago, where she handled the investment management portfolio and hedge fund accounts. 
  • She came for the first time onscreen for Bloomberg Television. Sandra Smith presented all the latest on business and trading for this channel.
  • She joined Fox Business Network in 2007; since then, she has appeared in the top-grossing news programs broadcasted by the Fox network. Some of the shows hosted by Sandra Smith include Maria Bartiromo’s pre-market program, Mornings with Maria, Fox Business Happy Hour, and America Reports. 

How did she become the co-host of the show on American Newsroom?

Sandra Smith was not the first preference for the show; she was there to fill the spot until fox tried to arrange a replacement for her on the show. After seeing many people, the news organization was incapable of finding a perfect fit for this position; since Smith has never left the show. The American newsroom show is being presented on Fox Business Network on weekends and hosted by Ed Henry and Sandra Smith. Recently a controversy also happened on fox with the same two co-hosts. 

A critical statement that changed things inside Fox news

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In January of 2021, Fox announced news concerning its daytime lineup which resulted in numerous changes in the daytime line of shows on fox business. The announcement said that from January 18, Sandra Smith would be presenting a new show called America Reports, along with co-host John Roberts, a White House correspondent. This show was to be aired from 1–3 p.m ET.

In concern regarding the shifting at Fox News Media, CEO Suzanne Scott said in a message,

As with the start of the new year, we are eager to declare new changes to our program schedule in the daytime. We have the best-in-class anchors, interviewers, reporters, and aptitude in all of the news media. This new emphatic lineup of young minds and experienced heads will ensure that Fox News Media will continue to deliver superior coverage for our spectators who rely on the most trusted names in the business.


  1. How long has Sandra Smith been with Fox News?
    • Sandra Smith has been with Fox News since 2007, and during her tenure, she has held various positions, including business reporter, TV host, and co-anchor for numerous shows.
  2. Did Sandra Smith begin her career in journalism?
    • While Sandra Smith is now known as a prominent journalist, she began her career in the business world, working in analysis and trading before transitioning to journalism with Bloomberg Television and later joining Fox Business Network.
  3. Is America Reports the only show Sandra Smith has hosted on Fox News?
    • No, Sandra Smith has been a part of multiple programs on Fox News. Apart from “America Reports,” she has been involved in shows like “Mornings with Maria,” “Fox Business Happy Hour,” and “American Newsroom.”

Wrapping it up

Sandra Smith’s journey in the world of journalism and finance is one marked by dedication, adaptability, and resilience. Her trajectory from a business analyst to a recognized face on Fox News speaks volumes about her talent and the trust the network has placed in her capabilities. Like many in the industry, she has navigated challenges, changes, and controversies with poise. As the media landscape continues to evolve, Smith’s role as a trusted anchor ensures that viewers remain informed, engaged, and connected to the events shaping the world around them.

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