Top 5 Indian Fashion Influencers on Instagram of 2023

Staying updated about the fashion industry can be challenging for the masses. Amongst all the choices and varieties to choose from, getting lost is very easy if you are not a fashion connoisseur.

But worry not, as these top Indian fashion influencers on Instagram are there to make you understand more about trending styles and recent sensations. They are here to counsel you through the abyss of the fashion industry and help you realize what to pick out for yourself to escape the mundaneness of everyday outfits. 

As this area can be complicated to form a list on, we have mentioned only a few influencers amongst a sea of many highly qualified ones. 

Top Indian Fashion Influencers on Instagram

1. Komal Pandey

Insta handle – @komalpandeyofficial

Our first pick is Komal Pandey, who recently received the title of the best fashion influencer of the year female of 2022 by Cosmopolitan. With a staggering 1.7 million followers, she is an inspiration to many who wish to master the fashion world. 

In a word, we would describe her sense of style as elegant and chic. You would love her creative outfits and how she carries herself.

A true definition of success, she started her career as a blogger with “The College Couture,” her fashion blog back in 2015, and in a way, popularized fashion blogging in India. And now is an endorser of big brands like Amazon, Olay, and Vivo.

2. Kritika Khurana Chhabra

Insta handle – @thatbohogirl

Kritika is an influencer who is not afraid of establishing personal standards. Her 1.7 million faithful followers are proof of her fame as a fashion and travel blogger.

In her own words, she loves experimenting with different styles and playing with various fabrics and silhouettes. You can also detect lots of Indian and Indo-western outfits in her arsenal.

Apart from her successful Instagram influencer career, she also enjoys a flourishing YouTube career with more than 700,000 followers under her name Kritika Khurana. 

3. Usaamah Siddique

Insta handle – @usaamahsiddique

Usaamah Siddique is undoubtedly the rising star in the men’s fashion segment. An entrepreneur in his own right, he has a fashion brand, The Dapper Label, which caters to Btown’s finest celebs, including Varun Dhawan, Ayushmann Khurrana, Arjun Rampal, etc.

It is great to see how he is revolutionizing the fashion scene and raising awareness about men’s skincare and self-grooming.

4. Diipa Büller-Khosla

Insta handle – @diipakhosla

Deepika Khosla is the definition of a global influencer whose fashion sense leaves us breathless. She is a style icon and the founder of @post.for.change, a nonprofit organization that works towards social awareness and sheds light on global issues.

Awarded influencer of the year three times, she demonstrates what it truly means to influence people to do better. Plus, her flair and panache constantly demand our attention. 

5. Jubin Shah

Insta handle – @jubin____shah

Introducing Jubin Shah, a top model, fashion influencer, and social media sensation representing India. Jubin’s natural charm and distinctive features have earned him a global fanbase.

Starting on TikTok, Jubin’s videos quickly gained traction, and he made the move to Instagram, where he engages with his dedicated followers. Jubin regularly creates exciting content covering fitness, health, fashion, singing, food, and travel. He also shares valuable insights on grooming, hair styling, skincare, beard care, and outfit selection, resulting in an impressive 1.5% engagement rate.


Individual fashion preferences are subjective, and not everyone will be interested in a particular style. But these fashion aficionados have you covered with their wide range and diverse choices of getups. 

They are also the ones who are moving the fashion industry with millions following their examples, thus making a significant impact in the market.