3 Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram to Follow in 2022

When life is too busy to take a vacation, Instagram is one platform that can give us a taste of trips through travel bloggers. These talented influencers can turn any wanderlust’s eyes go wide with their breathtaking pictures and panoramic videos.

But this profession is not as simple as you might think. Behind the gorgeous photos lies talented photography and hours of photo editing. The dedication to travel all year round and produce content for us is also commendable. 

Those who wish to know how to tour like these travel connoisseurs or plan to quench their wanderer’s soul with pictures, go ahead and support these creators by following them. Here we showcase some of the best travel bloggers on Instagram who can make you swoon over their posts and leave you a jealous mess over their dream lives. 

Top 3 Best Travel Bloggers on Instagram

1. Murad Osmann –

Insta handle – @muradosmann

With 3.5 million followers, Murad Osmann and his wife Nataly Osmann make up the perfect travel duo, journeying through countries and sharing their experiences. If you are aware of the trend of holding one’s hand while clicking pictures, well, they are the ones who popularized it. 

Their signature pose with their catchphrase “Follow Me To” became viral around 2012, and since then, they have been acknowledged as one of the top 3 travel influencers by Forbes. 

Even though Osmann studied to become a civil engineer, photography was his primary calling. And we witness that by being an audience to his spectacular clicks.

2. Jack Morris –

Insta handle – @jackmorris

Jack Morris once ran @doyoutravel with his then-girlfriend and fellow travel influencer Lauren Bullen and raked in a six-figure salary with every Insta post. But now, he runs his blogging account as a lone traveler, where we witness his solo escapades. 

He started his journey to become one of the best in this business when he got tired of his carpet cleaner job and began touring the world. Slowly he managed to snag millions of wanderlusts who admired his glamorous life of exploration and staying in breathtaking accommodations. Now he sits at a respectable 2.6 million followers, making him one of the most sought-after influencers.

3. Loki 

Insta handle – @Loki

Is there anyone who wouldn’t love to go on adventures with their furry best friend? Well, that will be a dream for many pet lovers who also fancy traveling. And this is precisely why Loki, the hybrid husky, and his owner Kelly Lund are so envied. This adorable duo shows us the beauty of nature and how robust their bond is with their exploits. 

The account is handled by Kelly, who shares it with his pup Loki. They are one of the most prominent Instagram travel influencers, with almost 1.9 million followers.

Wrapping it up

We all have a traveler trapped inside us who wishes to let go of responsibilities and freely experience the beauty of Earth, our home. But sadly, for many reasons, we choose to stay tangled in our mundane life. 

And even if we wish to venture out, a lack of knowledge about places makes us anxious about taking the next big step. Thus, with these influencers’ help, we are not only getting important trip information but also sating that everlasting thirst for travel with their stunning posts. 

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