Is DALL-E Mini Free?

Telling AI to create images for you? How interesting! With DALL-E Mini (Now known as Craiyon), you only have to give any word at the prompt, which will generate an image for you. That sounds cool. But is this feature free?

Let’s find out!

Is DALL-E Mini Free?

DALL-E Mini, by Craiyon, uses AI to generate images of the word you enter at the prompt. Now, speaking of this, you must wonder if it is free or not. Let us answer that for you – Most services offered by DALL-E Mini are free. The central part, entering the thing you want to generate the image of, is entirely free. If you want to upgrade to no watermark, no ads, and a quicker generation of images, you can get the supporter pack which is $ 5/month and is billed annually. A professional pack for $20/month is also billed annually.

DALL-E Mini (Now Craiyon) Pricing:

– 45 seconds for 9 images
– Unlimited images
– High priority
– No ads
– No watermark
– Your images are private*
– 15 seconds for 9 images
– Unlimited images
– Highest priority
– No ads
– No watermark
– Your images are private*
– Early access to new features
$ 6/mo$ 24/mo

So, the main package, which is free, will generate the images in one to two minutes and can generate unlimited pictures.

How Does DALL-E Mini Work?

The DALL-E Mini model is trained by looking through millions of online photos and the captions that go with them. It gradually gains the ability to create a picture from text input. For example, if you enter “mangoes,” it will generate images that have mangoes in them. It will take approximately one minute to generate the image. Here is how it will look:

dall-e mini

It can even generate images of human beings, even celebrities. Here is a sample:

We entered the famous celebrity Andrew Garfield’s name, and this was the output-

dall-e mini

You can experiment with any keyword that comes to your mind, such as:

  • Dinosaur working as a banker.
  • DC characters in a Marvel comic.
  • AI working on AI (The featured image on top has been generated by this caption)

And many more. Get as creative as you can!

You can try it yourself on This project is open source, and you can find it on GitHub.

What Is The Difference Between DALL-E 2 and DALL-E Mini?

I.It charges for the quality of the pixels of the image. No fee is charged.
II.This is owned by OpenAI.This is owned by Craiyon. The name of DALL-E Mini has actually been shifted to Craiyon.
III.The project is not open source. The project is open source.
IV.It can provide a clearer picture than DALL-E Mini.The images are better in DALL-E 2 than in this one.


I. How does AI generate images after entering a text prompt?

Artificial neural networks (ANN), a machine learning approach, are frequently used by AI text-to-image generators. These networks may interpret input in the form of words to produce images.

II. What platforms have DALL-E Mini other than Craiyon?

If you want to try DALL-E Mini on another platform, here is the list:

  • Midjourney
  • DALL-E Flow
  • DALL-E 2 by OpenAI

III. What is DALL-E Mini trained on?

The DALL-E Mini model was only trained for three days on a single TPU v3-8 and is twenty-seven times smaller than the original DALL-E.


From GAN to different neural networks, the world of AI-generated models has been expanding. We can conclude that DALL-E Mini is free for everyone unless they choose to upgrade.

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