How to Learn Content Writing for Free?

Content Writing is all the rage now. This sector has steadily grown over the past few years with the internet’s triumph as a source of entertainment.

Now almost everyone who has a creative side to them wishes to churn out content for the masses. And content writing is crucial in providing entertainment to readers with blogs and articles. 

So if you also wonder about how to learn content writing for free, then do not fret, as we have the answer.

How to Learn Content Writing for Free?

Content writing is the umbrella term for various creative writing forms on digital platforms. These include blogging, Ad copies, social media posts, E-books, etc.

There are plenty of online courses that can help you gain knowledge in writing and improve your penmanship. Here we have listed six such free programs.

1) Content Marketing Toolkit Course by SEMrush

 This course is a highly practical course by Ashley Ward that uses videos to make the students understand content marketing. Here they give you in-depth knowledge about SEO tools and how to utilize free content writing tools in creating an article. 

In addition, you will know how to keep track of your progress and get tips to maintain your blog correctly.

2) Content Marketing: Blogging for Business by LinkedIn

LinkedIn is clearly one of the best places to hunt for jobs, so it should not be weird when they offer great courses for you to train yourself in marketing. On top of being free, this program teaches you how to brainstorm ideas. 

You will learn online marketing, B2B/B2C marketing, Social media content promotion, Evaluation metrics, etc. Martin Waxman is the instructor here. 

3) Content Marketing for B2B Enterprises By Udemi

The CEO and Founder of Audienti, William Flanagan, is the instructor for this lesson. He uses real-life scenarios from his own experiences to make his students understand the market. 

He has masterfully divided all the classes into six sections through which you can learn all the crucial facets of content marketing. 

4) Good with Words: Writing and Editing Specialization by Coursera

This class is specially curated for those who wish to enhance their creative writing skills. Under the guidance of Patrick Barry, this four-month program will show you what it’s like to write professionally; hence, it is perfect for novices. 

With this lesson, you will also attain experience in handling deadlines, crafting slogans and taglines, composing persuasive write-ups, etc. It is sure to make a great writer out of anyone, even with minimum background in writing.  

5) Content Marketing: Blogging for Growth by SkillShare

Under the tutelage of Eric Siu, you will be able to get an 80-minute master class on the basics of content marketing. With his help, you will understand the concept of relevant content, catchy headlines, fitting featured images, etc.

This lesson is the perfect beginner course with a favorable rating from past students.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Do I need prior writing experience to enroll in these courses?
    • No, most of these courses are designed for both beginners and experienced writers. They cover the basics and gradually introduce advanced techniques, making it suitable for all skill levels.
  2. Are there any hidden costs associated with these “free” programs?
    • The courses listed are free of charge. However, some platforms might offer additional resources or certifications for a fee. It’s always a good idea to verify all details on the course’s official page.
  3. How long will it take to see improvements in my writing after taking these courses?
    • The timeframe for improvement varies per individual. With consistent practice and application of the lessons learned, many students notice progress within weeks. Remember, persistence and practice are key to mastering content writing.

Wrapping It Up

Beginning your journey in the content writing industry requires a solid foundation. By enrolling in these courses, you’ll be immersed in the fundamental principles of effective writing. As you grasp these basics, your skills will be honed through consistent practice. Combined with unwavering determination and dedication, you’ll soon find yourself not just writing articles, but crafting masterpieces that stand out in the crowd.