What is Convergent Journalism?

Journalism is perhaps the most diverse career discipline where there are multiple facets that you can be a part of. Convergent journalism is one domain that not many people are aware of but curious about what it represents.

If you are someone who wants answers to what convergent journalism is, then you are at the right place. Here you will find a detailed description of what it is and what you need to become one.

What is Convergent Journalism?

So, what is convergent journalism? Well, it is a sector of Journalism where a journalist uses or combines various forms of media, including photos, writing, videos, etc., to create a compelling piece of news that can have a more significant impact on the audience. 

This is a new form of journalism where a journalist must be skilled in more than one discipline. With an article, videos and photos must also be posted to demonstrate a more effective and realistic form of news to the masses. 

How to be a Convergent Journalism?

Education for convergent journalism is almost similar to traditional journalism. So one can enter this profession with any educational background. But one must have some training in certain specific skills to handle the diversity of this profession.

Here are certain things one should follow to experience a smoother career as a Convergent Journalist. 

1) Being Accustomed to the Work –

Training oneself in the cross-media mode of journalism is essential to carry on in this work sector. As you are expected to do multiple things, try to be as fast-paced and multitasking as possible.

2) Understand the Visual Media Side

Visual media plays a massive role in the production of all pieces of news in Convergent Journalism. So understanding and choosing the perfect pictures or videos for the written story is an absolute must.

A keen grasp of these things will help in the rise of popularity of your story. 

3) Introduction to Media Technicalities

It is essential to learn the technical bits of how the media works. You must also know how to use the equipment in this line of work, which will help you report your news in myriad ways.

4) Get Ample Experience

Journalism is such a sector where it is vital to have first-hand knowledge before entering the actual scenario. So getting a couple of months’ worth of experience working for different newsrooms will help to improve your resume and work quality.

 In between that, if you can publish some of your articles, it will reflect positively on your portfolio.


1. Is Convergent Journalism limited to digital platforms?
While Convergent Journalism thrives in the digital space due to the ease of integrating multiple forms of media, it is not exclusively limited to it. Print and broadcast mediums are also adopting a more convergent approach by directing readers and viewers to online resources and vice-versa.

2. How does Convergent Journalism differ from Multimedia Journalism?
Both terms are often used interchangeably. However, while both involve using various media forms, Convergent Journalism emphasizes the merging or “convergence” of different journalistic practices into a cohesive story. On the other hand, Multimedia Journalism simply refers to the use of multiple media types (text, video, audio) to tell a story.

3. Is special equipment required for Convergent Journalism?
While traditional journalistic tools are still applicable, Convergent Journalism often requires more versatile equipment that can capture high-quality images, video, and audio. Familiarity with digital tools and editing software is also beneficial to seamlessly integrate various media forms into a single story.

Wrapping It Up 

Convergent Journalism is an exciting and well-paying career option that perfectly complements today’s diverse world. It openly embraces new technologies and presents a hybrid model of journalism that caters to almost everyone. 

If you wish to apply for this job, we recommend getting into a good college with a profitable placement cell. Other than that, working hard enough in this field will do the trick of making you successful.