Midjourney Vs. NightCafe, Which One Is Better?

The two AI content-generating applications – are Midjourney and NightCafe. They are popular and widely used; some artists even use these two platforms to create AI art and commercialize it. In this article, we shall discuss how Midjourney and NightCafe are different and which one is better.

Let’s get cracking.

Image Comparison Night Cafe vs Stable Diffusion

We created 2 images for the following prompts:

Prompt 1 : “Beautiful girl with specs sitting in front of a computer, looking frustrated”

Created with Night Cafe ( Stable Diffusion 2.1 )

Created with MidJourney (v5)

Let’s make an even more detailed prompt and see which does a better job.

Prompt 2: “Cute girl with specs driving Renault duster with empty road in background and foreground, wide angle, front view, distant shot”

Generated with MidJourney ( v5 )

Generated with Nightcafe Stable diffusion ( SDXL )

Mid journey comes out as a clear winner while comparing the images generated by both tools. As we can see in the above example , Mi journey does a much better job at understanding your prompts and creating images that you match your description. The details look extremely well in it.

Midjourney Vs. NightCafe

Mid journey is a clear winner in terms of image depth and details. If you are looking to get a lot of details in the images, go for mid journey.
While Night cafe fails in handling details, its great for simple prompts and realistic images. Eg. Like in the image comparison above, you can see how it was able to recreate the image of the car Renault Duster.
In simple words, they charge $30 per 200 images, and give unlimited generations at a slower speed after that.
A basic at $10 per month, a standard at $30 per month, and a pro plan at $60 per month. This is better than NightCafe.
The monthly credit amounts range from USD 9.99 for 200 credits to USD 79.99 for 2500 credits, which is more expensive than Midjourney.

Although, On NightCafe, there are daily challenges where you can create a picture corresponding to that particular challenge, post it, and receive more credits. These credits can then be used to create more pictures requiring credits. You can also purchase credits directly.
3.Midjourney allows you to claim credit for the image you created while granting credit to the platform as long as you have a paid membership. It is a free and accessible tool, which means anyone can access your artwork. However, choosing a private plan will lessen the likelihood of this happening. While using text-to-art tools and non-copyrighted images or files to produce digital art on the NightCafe platform, artists retain full ownership of all licensing rights. NightCafe gives artists the option of editing previously generated works or deleting them entirely.
4. It uses proprietary neural network models.It uses these algorithms:  Neural Style Transfer, VQGAN+CLIP, and CLIP-Guided Diffusion.
5.It is slightly more complex than NightCafe.It is easier than Midjourney.
6.For the first 25 images you generate, you get a free trial. You get a free trial of five credits.
7.Fact: Midjourney won an art contest against actual people.Fact: It has an image recognition feature to create artwork based on scanned images of actual objects.

Final Takeaway

Midjourney is a much better tool in terms of image quality and pricing. Although, Depending on your requirement, you can select either of the two. Both are great AI tools and can generate amazing images. While one can be enjoyed on your Discord server, the other can be used on a website like OpenAI’s DALL-E and others. So, choose wisely and analyze your requirements.


1. How does NightCafe work?

NightCafe uses machine learning to convert a text prompt into an image. The output is optimized by the algorithm used in that specific AI tool until it meets the input you added. It produces an image that may be used to represent the text prompt visually.

2. Is Midjourney free?

As mentioned above, the first 25 images you make are free. Later, you must pay according to your plan: basic, standard, and pro.

3. How to sell art as NFT?

Prepare the art that you wish to convert into an NFT. Create a crypto wallet, decide which blockchain network best suits your needs, and then list the tokens on an NFT exchange to begin selling your NFTs.

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