How to contact Tucker Carlson from Fox News?

Have you ever wanted to contact Tucker Carlson but don’t know how? Maybe, you have something interesting to tell him. Or, you just want to reply to his tweets. He is a famous and popular TV journalist. So, he has many followers. Is it possible to contact him? This article is about how to contact Tucker Carlson from Fox News and why is he so famous.

How to contact Tucker Carlson on Fox News?

If you want to contact Tucker Carlson from Fox News, it’s easy.

Here are the different ways of contacting him:

1. Via the Fox News Website

Visit the Fox News website here. This is the home page of the Tucker Carlson Tonight Show and has a contact form as seen in the picture. Type your message in the given field and click on the send button. You will get an email notification after sending your message.

2. Via Social Media

You can reach Tucker Carlson through his Twitter account @TuckerCarlson. He is very active on Twitter and has a fan following of more than 5 million followers. He is also present on Facebook, though comparatively less active here.

About Tucker Swanson

Tucker Swanson McNamara Carlson is a prominent American television host and writer who started hosting the nightly political talk show Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News in 2016. He became an inspiration for many ambitious people. He has a great hold on his audience and people also love him so much. This is why he has continued hosting a prime-time show on Fox news for such a long time. He was recently included in the Time’s 100’s most influential people of 2021 list and earned the title of Adweek’s “Hottest News Host” of 2021.

Career Trajectory of Tucker Carlson

  • Carlson started his career in the 1990s, as an author working for The Weekly Standard and other publications.
  • He worked as a CNN anchor from 2000 to 2005 and a co-host of the prime-time news discussion program Crossfire from 2001 to 2005.
  • Between 2005 to 2008, Carlson presented the nightly program Tucker on MSNBC.
  • He has worked as a political analyst for Fox News since 2009 and came as a guest or guest host on different shows before the launch of his very successful show, Tucker Carlson Tonight in 2016.
  • In 2010, he co-founded and operated as the founding editor-in-chief of the right-wing news and opinion website The Daily Caller. He sold his ownership stakes in the website in 2020.
  • He has written three books: Politicians, Partisans, and Parasites (2003), Ship of Fools (2018), and The Long Slide (2021). The latter two are New York Times bestsellers.

What is the show Tucker Carlson Tonight?

Img Src: Gage Skidmore from Peoria, AZ, United States of AmericaCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Tucker Carlson Tonight is a prime-time show hosted by Tucker Carlson and broadcast on Fox news. This show is running from 2016 to date and has a large fan following.

‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ is the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think. We ask the questions that you would ask – and demand answers. Catch us weeknights at 8 p.m. ET!

Tucker Carlson Tonight | Fox News

Where can we watch this show?

The Fox network is available on all platforms, including Amazon, Roku, Spectrum TV, and more.

At what time and days, this show will be broadcast live on Fox?

The show is broadcast live at 8:00 PM ET on weekdays, with a repeat viewing at 1:00 AM the subsequent morning. You can also listen to the shows on the recently launched Tucker Carlson Tonight podcast.


  1. Has Tucker Carlson always been with Fox News throughout his career?
    • No, Tucker Carlson has been in the journalism industry for several decades, with stints at CNN, MSNBC, and other publications before joining Fox News in 2009.
  2. Is Tucker Carlson involved in any other ventures besides his nightly show?
    • Yes, Carlson co-founded and was the founding editor-in-chief of the right-wing news and opinion website, The Daily Caller. He has also authored several books, with two of them being New York Times bestsellers.
  3. What topics are primarily discussed on “Tucker Carlson Tonight”?
    • “Tucker Carlson Tonight” covers a range of political, social, and cultural topics. Tucker Carlson is known for his pointed questions, critical examination of various issues, and challenging prevailing narratives. The show’s tagline – “the sworn enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness and group think” – encapsulates its ethos.


Tucker Carlson, with his sharp insights and candid discussions, has positioned himself as one of the central figures in American news commentary. Over the years, he has traversed a dynamic path, moving through various media houses, and authoring books that resonate with a significant portion of the population.

His show, “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” represents a culmination of his experiences and perspectives. Whether you agree with his viewpoints or not, there’s no denying his impact on the media landscape. With the rise of digital media, it’s become increasingly challenging to connect directly with prominent figures. However, the avenues provided above, from the Fox News contact form to his social media profiles, offer a bridge for viewers and followers to potentially communicate their thoughts and feedback.

Featured Image Src: Gage Skidmore from Surprise, AZ, United States of AmericaCC BY-SA 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons.