What Channel is Fox News on Spectrum TV?

Fox network is available in all Spectrum TV plans, varying from Select Plan to the Spectrum Gold Plan. If you are wondering how to find the channel number for FOX News with Spectrum Cable, keep reading.

What Channel Is Fox news On Spectrum?

All the plans on Spectrum TV have access to Fox channels. The channel number varies from location to location. You can use the interactive on-screen menu or channel guide on Spectrum TV to find your region and the channel number, which is very convenient to access. You can easily find the channel number of your favorite fox channels using the menu on Spectrum TV. 

Another method to find the channel number is by contacting Spectrum Customer Service or calling them at 855.243.8892, Monday-Friday, 8AM – 10PM ET. 

Examples of Channel Number of Fox News according to the location:

City /State NameChannel Number
Portland, Maine41
San Antonio, Texas60
New York5
Orlando, Florida28

Does Spectrum have Fox Sports?

Spectrum TV makes sure that sports lovers have an opportunity to watch all the exciting matches they are interested in. Spectrum TV provides access to Fox Sports channels. Fox Sports 1 in available in every Spectrum TV plan. To check which channel is available on which check this link below to find the best-suited plan for you and your family.

How do you refresh the signal on Spectrum TV?

If you’re having issues with your TV and with the devices connected, use the Spectrum Guide. To refresh the TV signal, try to reboot your Spectrum TV by unplugging the power cable and waiting at least 60 seconds before restarting it. Wait for a few minutes and let the TV respond; If there is no improvement, call the customer complaint and tell them about the trouble you are fronting.

What makes Fox Channel so Popular?

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Fox channel stands apart from the rest as it gives high-quality entertainment content based on original releases, shows, and all-time famous movies. That is why every cable provider guarantees the availability of Fox channels in their TV plans and offers. If you have not been a typical viewer of Fox, then you are surely missing out on a platter of high-quality entertainment in your life.


  1. Can I stream Fox News on Spectrum TV online?
    • Yes, if you are a Spectrum TV subscriber, you can stream Fox News and other channels using the Spectrum TV app or through the Spectrum website. All you need is your login credentials to access and watch your favorite Fox programs anytime, anywhere.
  2. Is there an extra cost to access Fox Sports on Spectrum?
    • Fox Sports 1 is included in all Spectrum TV plans. However, depending on the package you choose, additional Fox Sports channels might or might not be included. It’s best to check your specific package details or contact Spectrum Customer Service to determine if there are any additional costs for certain Fox Sports channels.
  3. How often does the channel number for Fox News change on Spectrum?
    • Generally, Spectrum maintains consistent channel numbers for established networks like Fox News. However, there could be occasional re-alignments or updates. If you’re ever unsure, you can always check the on-screen channel guide, visit the Spectrum website, or contact their customer service for the most current channel number in your region.


Fox News, being a pivotal channel for many, is conveniently accessible through Spectrum’s various TV plans. Whether you’re a news enthusiast or a sports lover, Spectrum ensures that you don’t miss out on any Fox content. Ensure to stay updated with any changes to the channel lineup to enjoy uninterrupted viewing.

Check how to contact Fox News anchors.

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