5 Best Female Travel Vloggers on Youtube to Follow 

Since the pandemic hit humanity, everyone has been craving to go out and change our new routine of staying indoors. It also made us binging on travelogues that can provide us with a false sense of journeying the world.

Even though the backpacking scene is packed with guys, these are some of the best female travel vloggers on youtube who deserve your attention. You will be all set to design your next adventure with their beautifully edited and information-packed videos. 

5 Best Female Travel Vloggers on YouTube –

1) Nadine Sykora –

YouTube – Hey Nadine

Nadine is a popular solo female travel vlogger who successfully changed the idea of women traveling alone. With a whopping 498k subscribers, she is an inspiration to many who wish to tour independently but could not call upon the courage to do it.

She shares her experiences with the world through nicely edited pictures and videos via YouTube and Instagram. And do not think she only journeyed a few places because her travel credentials surpass 55 countries. For almost ten years, she has been living her dream of traveling and spreading awareness.

Her channel will not only tempt you into going backpacking yourself but also will give you tips and information so that you can be an experienced globetrotter like her.

2) TJ Lee –

YouTube – CupofTJ 

CupofTJ is one of the cutest and most aesthetically pleasing travel channels on YouTube. The face behind this creative vlog is the multi-talented TJ Lee, a vlogger, and actor from Taiwan.

Her adventures started when she left her job and became a full-time backpacker who followed her destiny to journey the world. Via her channel, get introduced to multiple cuisines you might not have even heard of. 

 She is also an active Instagram who has over 85,000 trusted followers. But we should not forget her culinary skills, which are also remarkable, and you can get these recipes that she shares across all her channels. 

3) Christine Kaaloa –


Christine is another famous travel vlogger from YouTube you must follow to experience the mesmerizing world of full-time travelers. Through her videos, she spreads knowledge about how a girl can get the confidence to go on solo trips safely.

Every video that she posts is all shot and directed by herself. She also provides a complete guide on how to approach the backpacking process and how to start planning your next trip; this also includes many protection tips and detailed guidance in risky situations. 

Apart from this channel, she also has a second channel to give impressive tech reviews. If you are new to the solo traveling domain and wish to know every little detail about how to start, following this channel is a must. 

4) Carolyn Higgins –

YouTube – Carolyn’s RV Life

Step into the inspiring world of Carolyn Higgins, a fearless solo female digital nomad whose remarkable journey unfolds on her YouTube channel, Carolyn’s RV Life. Carolyn offers a glimpse into her riveting life on the road, residing in an RV, and conquering the unique challenges that come with solo female travel and van dwelling.

As an extraordinary solo female vlogger, Carolyn’s content serves as an incredible source of motivation for those considering a similar path. Join her adventures and discover the boundless possibilities of nomadic living.

5) Cari Cakes –

YouTube – Cari cakes 

Introducing Cari, a passionate vlogger and blogger with an insatiable love for travel, eager to connect with fellow wanderlust seekers. Hailing originally from the sunny shores of California, she has also been fortunate to call New York City and Seoul her homes.

In Cari’s captivating digital realm, you’ll discover a treasure trove of inspiration. Whether you’re in search of your next literary adventure to add to your reading list or seeking that final nudge to embark on your solo journey of a lifetime, you’ll find it here.

With Cari as your guide, you’ll be reminded that the world is a vast and wonderful place, waiting to be explored, whether it’s in your own backyard or across the globe. So, why wait? Let’s embark on this incredible journey together!

Her content is especially great for western people wanting to explore Asian countries such as Korea or Japan!

Wrapping it up 

Leading a stress-free life is becoming more complex with every passing year. In these times, we observe these travelers and wish to be free from shackles, but for many of us, that is impossible. 

So why not experience the world through their lenses and witness the beauty that lies outside our boring, mundane life. 

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