How To Start A Blog on Facebook And Earn Money?

Who would not want to crack down on an easy and efficient way to make money? At least at a time when working from home has become more of a habit than a necessity against the pandemic, knowing how to start a blog on Facebook and earn money sounds enticing. 

These are ways through which you can rake in a significant amount of money with the help of social media. Let’s find out!  

How to start a blog on Facebook and earn money?

Before knowing how to earn money, it is essential to understand how to start a blog first. There are three ways to form a blog on Facebook; you can create a personal page, a Facebook business page, or even a Facebook group. 

Creating an account is simple enough, and you would need your email id or phone number to start the process. Once that’s done now, your page is ready for you to publish any post. 

1) Set an e-commerce business –

Facebook is an excellent place for anyone to set up a personal business. It is a zone where many gather, creating a potential consumer market for you to showcase your products. 

Facebook has even added new e-commerce features which help owners sell directly to customers. 

2) Sell Services –

Use Facebook to sell and promote services like content writing, consulting, digital marketing, etc. It is an ideal platform for freelancers who can make a decent income if they get well-paying clients.

3) Use Facebook for Affiliate Marketing –

You can start your affiliate marketing scheme by promoting other people’s services and goods. Through this, you will be able to make money without putting much effort and getting a share of their profit. You will have to provide links, and you will be able to earn commissions if anyone buys from that link. It works better if you can become a Facebook influencer and amass tons of followers whom you can influence to purchase everything that you promote.

4) Use Advertisements –

Advertisements are another quick way to earn money by including ads in your videos within the blog. To use this method, go to the creator studio and see whether you are eligible for all the criteria or not. 

After this, you can add in-stream ads to your content and make money by keeping certain things in mind –

  • The videos you post must be one minute long.
  • If the video is more than three minutes long, it should have a break after a minute.
  • Facebook can automatically put ads in your videos at particular places, or you can also take this decision.
  • Viewers will have to watch the complete advertisement to watch the entire video, and your earnings will depend on the number of views and the advertisers.

Wrapping it up

Facebook has become a pioneer among all social media platforms. And people are deftly using it to further their goals of setting a business there from which anyone can earn without breaking their back. 

We hope we were able to guide you on this matter adequately, so go ahead and utilize these tips to experience the profitable side of Facebook yourself. 

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