5 Best Pages to Follow on Instagram for Knowledge

Instagram is not new to us, and most of us can find ourselves surfing through the Insta feed for hours without getting bored for a moment. But if you are wondering what the best pages to follow on Instagram for knowledge are? Then do not be concerned; we are here to guide you on that. 

These accounts give us essential bits of news and provide us with facts that we usually do not get to know about. It is a great way to bypass the hubbubs of mundane life and look at things that excite the knowledgeable bone in us.   

5 Best Pages To Follow on Instagram For Knowledge

1) NASA 

Insta handle – nasa

Interest in space is something that we share with people from all fields and domains. You can be a person who hated science in school, but you can not deny the thirst to know all about the mysteries of space. 

NASA is your ultimate spot to get all information regarding the current progress and latest discoveries in the field of Astronomy. It is one of the best pages to follow for anyone who pursues knowledge. 

2) National Geographic 

Insta handle – natgeo

This profile is the official Insta page of our beloved National Geographic channel. Here you can get updates about almost everything happening around the globe. 

Be it about wild animals of Savanna, the dense forests of Amazon, or polar bears of Antarctica, you can learn about anything from the comfort of your home. Nat Geo photographers give you wallpaper-worthy pics of a world you might not be able to witness on your own. 

3) History in Pictures 

Insta handle – historyphotographed

This is another fantastic page that history buffs should follow to understand our past better. They are doing a tremendous job of enlightening others through photographs and stories behind them.

We get a weird nostalgia from these pictures of strangers as if they are people we have known and cared about. What better way to transport to a new era via these priceless and timeless pieces of someone’s memories?

4) Oceana

Insta handle – oceana

This is the best place for all the marine biology fans to get all the exciting updates about our fish neighbors. Not only that, but you will also obtain many essential updates on the health of the Ocean. 

Our oceans are essential, and we often neglect them due to selfishness. But this page is on a mission to educate others on keeping the seas and all the water dwellers healthy and happy. 

5) The British Library 

Insta handle – Britishlibrary

For those with a keen interest in history, art, or literature, the British Library’s Instagram page emerges as an invaluable resource. Housing an impressive collection of over 180 million items, this venerable institution offers a fascinating glimpse into the treasures it has diligently preserved for centuries, as well as a preview of its latest and most captivating exhibits.

Within the confines of the British Library’s Instagram account, a wealth of knowledge and visual splendor awaits. For an enriching experience, it’s highly recommended to pay a visit and immerse oneself in the wealth of information and stunning imagery it has to offer. Don’t miss out on this digital treasure trove!

Wrapping it up

We spend significant time online, so why not use this platform to gather knowledge on compelling facts? Social media can be a medium of wisdom if we use it appropriately and intelligently. Hence, follow these to be a bit more knowledgeable than you already are. That way, not only can you support them to create unique content but also spread awareness about these hidden gems. 

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