5 Best Quote Accounts on Instagram To Follow

Sometimes we need the help of quotes to keep us inspired and hopeful. In an age when everything is so unsettling and filled with negativity, quotes keep us encouraged, making us remember the essential things in life. If you are a person, who is heavily invested in such meaningful doctrines, here are four best quote accounts on Instagram for you to follow.

Usually, Instagram takes most of our time by making us scroll through random and mundane things. But if we can somehow fill our life with positive energy by following these pages, why not use that to uplift ourselves? A little encouragement and inspiration can help millions who are boldly facing society’s problems by themselves without getting praised.

Best Quote Accounts on Instagram

1) The Good Quote –

Insta Handle – @thegoodquote

The Good Quote is a community account on Instagram founded by @janettes.child, an entrepreneur. It is the best place to seek support for mental health.

They advocate self-development with the help of books, mainly through literature and discussion within the community. It is an excellent place for anyone who feels alone and lonely in the world and needs a support system to move on with the adversities in life.

2) Najwa Zebian –

Insta Handle – najwazebian

Najwa is a Lebanese Canadian writer-activist whose Instagram account is a beacon of inspiration for everyone. There she sometimes quotes from her books or shares her thoughts from time to time. 

It is through her Instapoetry that she gained popularity and then further came into the limelight during the MeToo movement. Her work primarily deals with love, loss and heartbreak. 

Her first book, Mind Platter, is a collection of her reflections on her life as she conveyed herself, which became a best seller. Welcome Home is her latest work, which got published on 2021. 

3) Hi Anxiety –

Insta Handle – _hi_anxiety_

Like its name, this account deals with anxiety head-on and tries to treat it more effectively. They also share mental health hotlines and tips to face anxiety better.

Their account actively spread awareness amongst today’s individuals about how it is okay to be what we are and how nobody is perfect. One of their best quotes is, “Just because you’re struggling doesn’t mean you’re failing.”

4) cleo wade –

Insta Handle – cleowade

Cleo is an American poet and author who is the administrator of this page and is a writer of books for kids and adults alike. Her poetry mainly revolves around inspiration and female empowerment.

Instagram is the main stage where she shares most of her quotes and pieces of her thoughts. She received many praises and was even termed “the Millennial Oprah” by New York Magazine. 

5) Female Collective –

Insta Handle – femalecollective

In the realm of Instagram’s finest quotes accounts, there exists a dedicated community with a noble mission — to inspire and uplift women who have faced oppression and limitations due to their gender. This burgeoning community serves as a beacon of hope, encouraging individuals to embark on a transformative journey towards success.

Within the confines of this supportive network, a treasure trove of inspiring videos, motivational quotes, and succinct clips await. They collectively convey a powerful message, reminding women of their boundless potential and capacity to surpass their perceived limitations. For those seeking inspiration and empowerment, this is a digital sanctuary to explore.

Wrapping It Up 

Uplifting excerpts can be a great way to keep depressive thoughts away from us and think about optimistic things even if we are having a bad day. Quotations can trigger a kind of positive self-reflection on life which we should utilise to smile our way through our troubles. Check these insta accounts that help enhance your knowledge.