Midjourney Vs. BlueWillow | Differences In 2023

Midjourney (MJ) and BlueWillow (BW) are the talks of the town these days in the world of AI. Both tools can be used to generate incredible AI-generated art. But do they require Discord to run? Which one is paid, and which is free? So many questions have been answered in this article.

Let’s find the answers to Midjourney Vs. BlueWillow

Midjourney Vs. BlueWillow

Feature/AspectMidjourney (MJ)BlueWillow (BW)
Platform RequirementDiscordDiscord
Initial CostLimited free credits, then subscription-basedCompletely Free
Image QualityProduces high-resolution, nuanced imagesProduces good quality images, but MJ has a slight edge
User InterfaceInvite bot to a server, use ‘/’ command to generate imagesVerify identity, then use similar ‘/’ command in “Rookie” channels
Subscription PlansMonthly: $10 to $60; Annual: $96 to $576None (Completely free)
Art Display LocationImages are displayed on the chosen serverImages are displayed in specific “Rookie” channels
Upscaling QualitySuperior upscaling capabilitiesStandard upscaling capabilities
Command PromptUses “/imagine” followed by the text promptUses “/imagine” followed by the text prompt
Variety in Art StylesOffers a range of styles and variationsLimited styles compared to MJ
Response TimeQuick image generation, especially for simpler promptsMight take slightly longer than MJ
Community & SupportActive community, regular updates, and support availableGrowing community, updates might be less frequent compared to MJ
Customization & Advanced ToolsOffers more advanced tools and customization options for subscribersBasic tools with limited customization options

Time to explore how the two are and if they have any semblance to each other in detail.

I. Do you need Discord?

The two AI tools are used on Discord. Like MJ, even BW uses command prompts on Discord to generate the art. In the case of Midjourney, you invite the bot to your preferred server, and in BlueWillow, you must first verify yourself by turning off your VPN. Check the image below for a better understanding.

You can get the tool from BlueWillow’s Official Website.

Talking of Midjourney, get the tool on the website and invite it to a server of your choice. Here is the invite to your Discord.

Once you get it, use ‘/,’ and it will ask you to enter the prompt.

Midjourney Vs. BlueWillow - Midjourney Image Generating on Discord

The image gets generated within seconds. The prompt entered for the image above is: “Prince of Ottoman Empire.”

II. Are they Free or Paid?

Many ponder upon the payment options for the two; we are here to give you a clear answer – MJ allows a few credits, and once all are consumed, you must buy the subscription, whereas BW is entirely free.

Here is the subscription plan for Midjourney:

Type of Pricing/ PlansTrial (Free)BasicStandardPro
Monthly Subscription PricingNone$10$30$60
Annual Subscription PricingNone$96
($8 / month)
($24 / month)
($48 / month)
In short, BW is a free alternative to MJ.

III. How is the Image Quality?

We found the quality of MJ-generated images to be better than BW. The images are more nuanced and pronounced than the other ones.

A. Via Midjourney B. Via BlueWillow

You have the option to change the image styles.

A. looks better like a polished portrait of Napolean Bonaparte than B.

IV. Where is the art implemented?

In the case of MJ, the art is displayed on the server you choose after you type the command “/imagine.” Meanwhile, in BW, you will see several channels called “Rookie.” Select one channel and write “/imagine” (similar to MJ), followed by the text you wish to see come alive.

Also, MJ produces better upscaling than BW.

Final Thought: Which one is better?

In our opinion, if you are in a money crunch, we recommend BW’s AI tool, whereas for better image quality, we recommend BW’s AI tool.


1. How similar are the two tools?

The two AI tools use the same user interface, and the upscale and variation buttons function similarly. So, using one after the other will not be difficult since their functionalities are similar.

2. Is Midjourney free now?

No, you must still pay for a plan to continue using MJ. After the free-trial credits are used, it will ask you to buy a plan to extend your use.

3. How does AI generate images?

Using machine learning algorithms, AI image generators produce fresh images depending on input parameters or variables. A sizable dataset of images must be used to train the AI image generator, and this dataset can contain everything from paintings and photos to 3D models and game elements.

4. Can AI generate fake human faces?

Yes, you may quickly and easily build realistic human faces with AI image generators. Simply specify your preferences—including gender, age, and other characteristics—and the pictures will create a face image based on your textual specifications.

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